MUGA Maintenance in Boarhills

MUGA Maintenance in Boarhills

For a multi use sports court it's important to look after the surfacing by regularly cleaning it and inspecting for any damage so that repairs can be carried out quickly.

Sports Pitch Maintenance in Boarhills

Sports Pitch Maintenance in Boarhills

Maintenance for an artificial turf MUGA pitch will often include drag brushing, deep cleaning, seam repairs to the carpet and infill rejuvenation if the surface has become contaminated.

MUGA Court Repainting in Boarhills

MUGA Court Repainting in Boarhills

A new application of coloured anti slip paint is commonly included with the maintenance of a macadam or polymeric surface to give better grip and playing qualities for the chosen sports.

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MUGA Maintenance in Boarhills

When you have a new multi use games area installed in surrounding areas, it is vital that you consider appropriate MUGA maintenance in Boarhills KY16 8 to keep it in top condition for as long as possible. Each surface type can have different processes carried out which will help maintain the performance qualities and keep the sports area safe for use. Our sport surfacing company specialise in a range of cleaning, repair and general cleaning technniques Please contact our team today to find out more about what we can do and the costs for each cleaning method we offer. There are two main types of sport servicing services which we provide for sports surfacing facilities in the UK – Proactive and reactive servicing.

Proactive Cleaning Maintenance Near Me

This involves carrying out regular maintenance and upkeep of the surface to prevent any problems or damage before it happens. Examples of proactive MUGA maintenance would include drag brushing, removing debris and applying chemical treatments to avoid contamination from moss & algae.


Regularly applying this sort of proactive cleaning maintenance for your sport surfaces will help to maintain the performance characteristics, keep the area safe for use and prevent flooding and waterlogging.

Reactive Repair Maintenance Near Me

Reactive repair maintenance in Boarhills KY16 8 takes place to repair damage which has already been done to the surface, this could have occurred as a result of overuse, vandalism or lack of an appropriate proactive care programme. Examples of reactive servicing can include seam and joint repairs, repainting and reline marking, as well as top up and rejuvenation of infill. Rejuvenating sand and rubber infill for synthetic grass MUGAs involves extracting the contaminated infill layer and replacing it with a new clean layer which will improve the performance qualities and make the surface more durable.

MUGA Surface Problems Nearby

If you don’t carry out regular proactive servicing for your local sports floor and you don’t repair any damage as quickly as possible, there are a number of MUGA surface problems which can arise for the MUGA facility and these issues can be very costly to fix if left untreated. These sports pitch problems can include compaction of infill and contamination from moss and algae which can both lead to a loss of porosity in the surfacing. If the sport surface system becomes blocked by contaminations and loses its porous qualities, this prevents water from draining through and means that surfacing begins to flood. As well as making your sport facility unsafe and unsuitable for use, flooding damages turf fibres in artificial grass pitches and could lead to the multi sport needing to be resurfaced which would be very costly.

This is why we always recommend that you implement a regular plan once the pitch constrcution is complete By doing this you will keep the facility near me clean and also help to prevent any damage which occurs as a result of debris and dirt on the floor. It is always much more cost effective to carry out routine checks and servicing than having to repair damage and problems after they have happened. All of the sport floor options we install are designed to be used in all weather conditions, it's vital that a regular plan is put into place to ensure that your closest sports facility maintains its all weather properties and is suitable for use all year round.

How to Maintain a MUGA

If you are looking how to maintain a MUGA, we have a general guide for you to follow:

  1. Carry out regular cleaning by brushing the surface and applying moss and algae treatments
  2. Repaint and reline hard courts every 3-5 years depending on use and weather
  3. Inspect the surfacing regularly for any damages
  4. Repair any cracks on hard courts and carry out rejuvenation and infill top ups for synthetic pitches
  5. Resurface multi sport if the surfacing is beyond repair

The servicing of multi-use games areas varies depending on the type of surfacing you have, but the general process is similar. Regular cleaning is vital to ensure pores are not blocked and the surfacing remains porous. If you flooring becomes damaged, it is best to get the area repaired as soon as possible to prevent bigger problems occurring which could result in costly repairs like resurfacing. 

MUGA Maintenance Costs in Boarhills

MUGA maintenance costs will depend on a variety of different factors. The first aspect which will affect the servicing costs in Boarhills KY16 8 and surrounding areas, is the area size of the facility. Obviously if the area is larger, the cost to clean the court or pitch will be more. In order to keep the costs of maintaining the multi use games area down, we would recommend carrying out regular inspections of the facility.

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When inspecting your sports facility, it's important to get any damages fixed as soon as possible to prevent more costly repairs. If you leave damages and don't get them fixed straight away, you may need to have a full resurface. Resurfacing a sports facility can be expensive, which is why it is advised to get minor repairs done early on.

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